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The eastern shore of Lake Garda is a land of mountains, woods and hills, but also oil mills, wine cellars, food and wine traditions to be discovered. The wine and olive oil routes wind through this unique landscape in its Mediterranean climate allowing for interesting itineraries to discover where the most famous grapes grow, learn about production techniques and taste the quality products that the Garda area has to offer.

Discover our typical products:

Bardolino, history and locations

Bardolino Doc, Bardolino Superiore and the rosè version, Bardolino Chiaretto Doc, these wines are produced on the hills of Lake Garda from Corvina and Rondinella, from local grapes of the province of Verona. The municipality of Bardolino, which gives its name to the DOC, is one of fifteen production areas straddling Lake Garda, Mount Baldo, the Adige River and the Mincio River.
The mild Mediterranean climate and the variety of soils make Bardolino a pleasant and particularly appreciated wine.

Custoza, history and locations

Custoza is produced on the morainic hills overlooking the lake in nine municipalities of the Lake Garda hinterland. The structure of the hills and the climate moderated by the presence of the lake create perfect conditions for the growth of the vines and give a unique character to this aromatic white wine.

Lugana, history and locations

The production area of Lugana Doc, rich in vineyards, is located in the municipality of Peschiera del Garda. This wine is made from a careful selection of grapes that grow on the hills of the DOC area where the soils are characterised by clays of morainic origin that are predominantly calcareous and sandy.
These properties, together with the small temperature difference between day and night, give Lugana a well-balanced and pleasant structure.

Valdadige – Terradeiforti, history and locations

The Valdadige Terradeiforti production area includes the municipalities of Rivoli Veronese, Brentino Belluno and Dolcè in the Veronese territory. Enantio and Casetta, the local grape varieties of very old origins, used to grow wild on the slopes of Monte Baldo. The Val d'Adige is a land guarded by numerous castles, natural landscapes and wine cellars where this full-bodied and fragrant wine can be tasted.

Garda, history and locations

Garda is a controlled denomination of origin spread throughout the province of Verona, from the lake to Valpolicella, from the banks of Mincio to the capital of the province. This wine takes its characteristics from soils of morainic origin in the hilly areas and from clayish or calcareous and sandy elements in the flat areas of the denomination.

Garda DOP Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Garda olive oil, defined as the "green gold" thanks to the favourable Mediterranean microclimate that the area is endowed with, is the northernmost produced olive oil in the world. The uniqueness of its light and fruity flavour is due to the particular composition of the rich and fertile land on which the olive trees grow, watered by the lake and surrounded by moraine hills and mountains. The numerous oil mills in the area work hard to capture the true culinary essence of this prized DOP.


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