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Scaliger Castle

Enchanting castle in the heart of Malcesine

The history of Rocca di Malcesine goes back to the end of the first millennium BC, but it is generally agreed that the castle itself was built by the Longobards in the middle of the first millennium AD.

The castle was destroyed by the Franks in 590 and was later rebuilt by them. In 806 it hosted King Pepin, who had come to Malcesine to visit the saints Benigno and Caro, but after the Hungarian invasions, it became part of the Veronese Episcopal fiefs. In 1277 it became the dominion of Alberto della Scala and remained under the family until 1387, taking the name “Castello Scaligero”.

Today, this splendid location can host civil weddings and there are two rooms inside: the Casermetta (a room overlooking the lake with 40/50 seats), and the Sala Labia (located in the tower of the Castle with 70/75 seats). In addition, you can choose the “Rivellino”, a splendid terrace situated under the tower of the Castle with a 360° view of the lake, the mountains and the small village of Malcesine.

The ceremony can be personalised and enriched with live or recorded music, readings and anything else that can help make this important moment unique. The wedding hall can be decorated with flowers and other ornaments and other symbolic ceremonies like renewals of the promise of love can also be organised. As an alternative to the Castle, weddings can be celebrated in the historic Palazzo dei Capitani, which can accommodate around 100 people.

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Via Castello, 37018 Malcesine VR, Italia


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