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Church of St Mark the Evangelist

A small 18th-century Church of St. Mark the Evangelist

In the centre of Borghetto, there is a small Church of San Marco Evangelista, dating back to the 18th century. The structure, built on the remains of an 11th-century Romanesque parish church and dedicated to St Mary, follows a neoclassical style with a single nave and a lowered vault. At the back, the old village cemetery, restored in the 1920s, contains the oldest and most significant tombstones of local history. From here there is a particular view of the apse of the old Romanesque church with its Cluniac plan, the only surviving part of the old monastery. In the nearby Scaligera tower, a belfry has been created: among the sacred bells, one bears the date 1381 in Gothic letters.

Its solemn and evocative chime can only be heard on twelve occasions during the liturgical year. To the right of the churchyard, several inscriptions on marble recall the main battles fought on the banks of the Mincio. To the left of the entrance portal, in a niche, the Madonna painted by F. Bellomi in 1980 and a water fountain enhance the serene beauty of the place.

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Chiesa di San Marco Evangelista, Via Raffaello Sanzio, Valeggio sul Mincio, VR, Italia



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