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The Old Port

The port in Lazise from the time of Venetian domination

The picturesque Porto Vecchio of Lazise, located at the foot of Piazza Vittorio Emanuele II, is an essential tour stop. Some documents confirm that this port already existed in the 10th century, but it only acquired its central role during the Venetian domination. During this period, in fact, it not only housed the fishermen’s boats but also served as a port of call for goods passing between Venice, Trentino and Lombardy.

At the ends of Porto Vecchio, which was initially smaller than it is today, there were two towers with an entrance to a small harbour near the larger tower. This was the starting point of the city walls that were connected with the rest of the medieval fortifications. For those who arrive in Lazise by boat, there is a possibility to moor it temporarily and then take part in numerous excursions or use the Lake Garda ferries.

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