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Napoleonic Museum

Napoleonic Museum in Rivoli Veronese

Rivoli was the scene of battle in January 1797 when Napoleon’s troops, engaged in the Italian campaign, faced the Austrian army under the orders of General Alvinczy. To commemorate the glorious victory, one of the most important streets in Paris was named ‘Rue de Rivoli’. In 1806, an imposing monument was erected on the battlefield, consisting of a column reaching 20 metres in height. This monument was pulled down by the Austrians in 1814, after the fall of Napoleon: the imposing base and some remains remain to this day. At the Town Hall, you can visit the Massena Room, which houses a section of the Napoleonic Museum, Galanti Collection.

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Monumento Napoleonico di Rivoli Veronese, Rivoli Veronese, VR, Italia

045 7281166


Contact person: Comune di Rivoli


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