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Wine Museum

The traditions and secrets of wine enclosed in one large space

The Museum offers a journey through the oldest and most rudimentary machinery and tools, used in the past for harvesting grapes and making wine: the animal-drawn plough, two Veronese carts used for transporting wine from the vineyards to the winery, and a cart with barrels used to transport wine from Bardolino to merchants in Milan and Venice.

The rooms of the Museum tell the story of the transformation of grapes into wine, exploring the various processes of the production chain: from the cultivation of the vine to the harvest and bottling.

The four presses from the Zeni family’s private collection used to press the marc, are extremely valuable, as is an old grape-drying system, wooden funnels, buckets and panniers.

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Via Costabella, 9, 37011 Bardolino, VR, Italia

045 6228331



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