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Tibetan Bridge

The Tibetan bridge linking Pai di Sopra and Creo

The Tibetan bridge is located on the Veneto side of the lake, near Torri del Benaco, and is an ideal destination for a fun outing with children. Inaugurated in 2019, it joins the village of Pai di Sopra with Crero, in the middle of the Vanzana Valley. Thirty-four metre long and just over a metre wide, the Tibetan bridge reaches a maximum height of about 45 metres and is made entirely of steel with anti-slip gratings.

It is possible to cross the Tibetan bridge 15 people at a time, while those arriving by bike can cross the bridge carrying their bikes. In addition to the beautiful views that this route offers, the bridge connects two important hiking trails, Cai trail no. 38 and no. 39.

Helpful information

Parking Ponte Tibetano, Via Alessandro Manzoni, Pai, VR, Italia



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