Caprino Veronese

Caprino Veronese

Caprino Veronese, a magical village between the lake and Monte Baldo

Caprino is an enchanting town that deserves a visit for its places of artistic beauty and the intriguing atmosphere in which it is enveloped. Etruscans, Franks, Goths and Romans settled here. To the latter we owe the rebuilding of Caprino, called “Caurin” at that time, its appointment as the capital of Montebaldino and a centre for ironworking. The territory is surrounded on one side by vineyards and characteristic villages, and on the other by points of interest and panoramic paths around the mountain.

What to do in Caprino Veronese

The area between Mount Baldo and Lake Garda is perfect for adrenalin sports: climbing, paragliding, hang-gliding, horse riding, to name just a few, but it is also a land of authentic flavours: in the autumn you can taste olive oil, truffles and chestnuts, among monumental palaces and secret gardens. Its geographical position makes Caprino Veronese an ideal area for all kinds of sporting activities: trekking, running, mountain biking, e-biking, every opportunity to enjoy an active holiday. And for the rock climbing lovers, it will be possible to test oneself on the technically challenging rock walls. The Caprinian territory also produces numerous typical products of excellent quality, which represent an economic resource and a feather in the community’s cap. Truffles, oil, wine, cheese and chestnuts are among the most important products of a territory which offers its visitors a warm welcome and characteristic products. One of many attractions of Caprino Veronese is the Platano dei Cento Bersaglieri, a monumental tree located in the historic centre of the town, which went down in history when the 100 bersaglieri took refuge there during the Italian army’s great summer manoeuvres. Dating back to 1370, it is currently the largest plane tree in Italy, with a height of over 25 metres and a circumference of around 15.

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Points of interest in Caprino Veronese

Palazzo Carlotti 17th-century Venetian Villa – Civic Museum – Compianto sul Cristo morto

Palazzo Carlotti 17th-century Venetian Villa – Civic Museum – Compianto sul Cristo morto

Villa Carlotti, Piazza Roma, Caprino Veronese, VR, Italia

The work “Il Compianto sul Cristo morto”, after eight years of restoration, has returned to Caprino, its town of origin, inaugurated with an official ceremony at the town hall of Palazzo Carlotti. Attributed to the Master of St. Anastasia, the sculpt…

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