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Architecture of the Contrade (quarters)

The 15 Contrade of San Zeno di Montagna

The municipality of San Zeno di Montagna is full of contrade! San Zeno, Ca’ Montagna, Ca’ Schena, Canevói, Sperane, Capra, Ca’ Sartori, Le Tese, Castello, Laguna, Borno, Villanova, La Ca’, Pora and Pra’ Bestemà are the 15 contrade that make up the town architecture of San Zeno di Montagna.

Inside the quarters you can admire the courtyards, settlements of medieval origin composed of a patronal house around which the farmers’ houses with their stables revolve. And that’s not all: each contrada has a fountain, essential for the water needs of the houses and stables.

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San Zeno di Montagna, VR, Italia


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