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Flora and Fauna of Monte Baldo

Monte Baldo’s biodiversity

The flora and fauna of Monte Baldo is largely divided into four characteristic belts: the Mediterranean, mountain, boreal and alpine. The vegetation in the first belt includes characteristics similar to those on the Garda shore. Plants include holm oak, downy oak, hop hornbeam, rosemary, laurel and caper. Moving on to the mountain belt, there are numerous forests of beech, lime, silver fir and larch, which represent the natural lung of the district. In the boreal area, we find spectacular blossoms of white crocus, Gentiana and Baldo anemone. The trees include the mountain pine, juniper, rowan and heather. In the last, alpine belt we can find the so-called Garden of Europe. This area is made up of rocky vegetation with a few visible species, the rhododendron and the potentilla being examples. As far as fauna is concerned, there are many mammals such as roe deer, chamois, ermine, marmot, badger, squirrel and deer. The avifauna includes the golden eagle, little owl, eagle owl, raven, hoopoe, woodpecker, capercaillie, chaffinch and lark.

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Ferrara di Monte Baldo, VR, Italia


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