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Mount Baldo trenches

Tunnels and trenches dug into the rock of Monte Baldo

During the First World War, the heights of Monte Baldo became important for the positioning of strategic points of a visual advantage over the enemy in the valley below. One example is Monte Vignola, located on the opposite side of the Monte Baldo Natural Park. In these positions of strategic advantage, Italian troops built more military installations such as tunnels, anti-aircraft artillery, barracks and large basins for collecting rainwater. The Battaglione Volontari Ciclisti e Automobilisti (Biker and Motorist Volunteers Battalion) operated on Monte Altissimo, leaving behind countless roads, shelters and military trenches. In its ranks there were important figures of the Futurist movement: Marinetti, Boccioni, Sironi and Russolo.

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Il Sentiero Delle Trincee (Novezza), Strada Provinciale 8, Ferrara di Monte Baldo, VR, Italia


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