Point of interest

The Marconi Lakeside

A lakeside in a historical little Venice

The Marconi Lakeside promenade is a point of interest not to be missed during a stay in Lazise. This picturesque promenade connects with the municipalities of Cisano, Bardolino and Garda in the north and in the south, with the beaches first and then with Peschiera del Garda. To reach the lakefront, you can pass through one of the three old gates, Porta San Zeno, Porta Cansignorio and Porta del Lion.

The lakeside promenade has paving that recalls the waves, as the water once poured over the current promenade, reaching as far as the arcades of the restaurants. This is why Lazise was called a little Venice, built entirely on the water, where the streets were passable only by boat. These streets were also designed with a defence system consisting of palisades that prevented enemies from entering the town. Near the New Port, there is a bronze statue representing the Little Mermaid of the lake, a figure of a female leaping out of the water onto a rock who is looking at her reflection in the lake giving off an illusion of brightness.

At the beginning of the Marconi lakefront, there is a marble epigraph reminding us that Lazise is the oldest municipality in Italy. In fact, on 7 May 983, Emperor Otto II granted the inhabitants of Lazise the privilege to fortify the village with turreted walls and to enjoy extensive administrative autonomy, particularly in trade and fishing.

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